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Johnny Donegan

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Johnny is a fully qualified graphic designer with 10 years experience in the design & print media sector.

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And New Toys Too!!!
If I'm going to do this Digital Painting lark properly I need the right tools. A mouse just doesn't cut it when you need to work so precisely so I've finally invested in my first Graphic Tablet! After a lot of deliberation and research I've decided to go for the Huion H610 Pro tablet. Wacom are obviously the most popular on the market but are also very expensive. Huion are a Chinese company who have entered the market and their products are getting rave reviews.

“If you’re looking for a professional-quality drawing tablet with many features that is a cheap graphics tablet pricewise but not quality-wise, the Huion 610 Pro is worthy of consideration.” (www.tabletsforartists.com)

So it's been ordered on eBay and is currently on it's way to me, I should have it early next week. It's cost about €85 all in (including shipping) which is excellent value for a tablet whose Wacom contemporary costs approx €200-250.
Huion_H610_Pro_01 Huion_H610_Pro_02 Huion_H610_Pro_03
New Manager, New Styles, New Techniques!
I could be talking about work, but that wouldn't be completely true... You see I have a life (albeit a boring one) outside of All Design + Print! And I have to admit I'm a massive Liverpool FC fan. And we got a new manager! So I have been buzzing all week and decided to do a portrait of him in celebration...and of course to get extra followers on Twitter! Follow me @boxgrafik

“I don’t want to describe myself.

I’m a totally normal guy, I came from the Black Forest.

I’m the Normal One.”

I have been experimenting with a different style recently. It's digital painting. It's created on Photoshop by blending several layers and adding layer adjustments and then painting over those layers and then blending them in to give the impression of a painting, almost a watercolour transparent effect. It looks pretty good. So here are some examples of my first attempts (Jurgen Klopp and Phil Coutinho). #KloppfortheKop #YNWA
Coutinho_01 Coutinho_02 Klopp_01
Melbourne St Patrick’s Day Parade Logo
All Design + Print were recently approached and asked to produce a logo and brand identity for Melbourne's first ever St Patrick's Day Parade logo. We were given a couple of brief guidelines (had to be bright, colourful, fun) but we had pretty much a blank canvas. I set to work with sketches and as usual avoided the obvious elephant in the room (shamrock) in order to think outside the box. But then I realised it is for Melbourne's first ever St Patrick's Day parade so the stereotypical route could be ok. I started sketching ideas (always on paper first and then bring your ideas to screen). Once I seen the 'M' for Melbourne appear in the shamrock leaf sketches I knew I was onto something good. It worked so perfectly. A fun, approachable welcoming font to suit the occasion!

Once I seen the 'M' appear in shamrock leaf sketches...

I knew I was onto something good.

After finalising my logo concepts we sent them to the committee to choose. I was delighted to hear they loved the concept and font and logo in general (this rarely happens with committees as you well know)! So now it's time to start rolling out the logo for various print, fundraising and social media campaigns in the run up to March 2016! Should be fun 🙂